Andrea Cox

responsible for running the organization. She believes in effective cooperation between civil society and state administration as both sectors pursue the same goal. She gained her experience working for the Government Office, National Council of the Slovak Republic or Pontis Foundation. Both at work and in personal life she is led by personal responsibility, freedom and respect for others. She believes that safe participation in the digital world promotes freedom, protection of democracy and fundamental human rights. She likes classical music and running.

Jarmila Tomková

is a lecturer and consultant in creating preventive programs, planning and implementing research. She worked at the Research Institute of Child Psychology and Pathopsychology, where she led research teams on the opportunities and risks of internet for children. She coordinated the Slovak team EU Kids Online. She has undergone long-term training in systemic psychotherapy that she uses when working with clients, and in building innovative approaches to prevention and education. She worked as a school psychologist; she designed and implemented a number of developmental and preventive programs, e.g. Students against Bullying Preventive Campaign.

She considers the language and discourse as key, how it is spoken and what it is and what is not talked about. Special attention is paid to work with identity, promotion of competence and resources. She advocates for peer-to-peer approach and participation of young people in policies that concern them.

Miroslav Homola

For almost three decades, he worked in the state administration, focusing on extremism, security policy and drug issues. The core of his activities are communication and interaction with law enforcement and and lecturing and prevention within the scope of digiQ activities.

He sees digital intelligence as a modern phenomenon of today, therefore it is necessary to educate young people starting at the primary school level, in parallel with the education of parents and educators.

Viktor Pončák

He is an experienced pedagogue and author of the textbook of history. He worked with students from the less-advantaged environment of Luník 9 (Roma part of a town in Eastern Slovakia). As an external lecturer of an international company conducted evaluation and standardized testing of students. His passion is creativity and organizing of the art festival (Skapal pes fest) and cultural events in the East of Slovakia. He focuses on analysis of inappropriate and illegal content on the Internet, hate speech, especially in the digital environment.

He realizes that the most difficult thing is to find out the essence of things and let everyone to discover it for themselves.